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Sygo, Inc. invented the strongest and most versatile Pole top Extension available to the pole using industry. It is not fiberglass and can support equipment beyond cross arms and power lines. The metal bracket, which attaches the wooden bayonet to the pole is a heavy-duty design with tremendous strength and is for use when existing poles are in sound condition but not tall enough.

 Insufficient clearance caused by the need for electrical equipment, CATV attachments, additional telecommunications Company attachments, Raptor Perch Systems and pole top damage to existing poles in sound condition; can all be remedied with the use of SyGo Pole Top Extensions. SyGo can quote special lengths upon request.


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Our Customers have had outstanding results with our Pole Top Extensions and have saved on the bottom line.

Pacific Gas & electric, San Diego Gas & Electric, Southern California Edison, Sacramento Municipal Utilities District, Montana Power, Border States Electric, AEP, National Grid, Allegheny Energy, OneSource Distributers, PacifiCorp, NSTAR and various other Municipalities now use SyGo products.




SyGo Incorporated is proud to introduce the Raptor Nesting Perch System which is currently in production and ready for distribution where nesting on power poles is a problem.

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